Protection of minors

Protection of minors is important to us!

The protection of minors on the Internet is an important issue for our company. We want children and young people to be able to surf safely and not be endangered by our content. For this reason, we have taken special measures to protect minors on our website and are constantly improving these measures.

Youth protection officer

You can contact our youth protection officer for all questions relating to the protection of minors on this website:

Immo W. Fietz c/o JugendSchutzBeauftragte.Net


We moderate the content posted by users in accordance with the requirements of youth protection legislation for child and youth-friendly content in the freely accessible areas of our website. Content - texts and photos - that may not be published in these areas due to a legal requirement or in accordance with our values is preventively hidden by us.


We take the protection of minors on the Internet very seriously and are constantly working to improve our content in this area. Should you nevertheless discover content on our website that may violate existing youth protection regulations or that appears conspicuous to you in any other way, we kindly ask you to report this to us with a link and a brief description. We will check the content immediately and, if necessary, ensure that it is changed or removed.