Questions and answers

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as instructions, general information and help about GAYamo.re, the community for gay and bisexual guys. The section is constantly being expanded and is based on topics that are also discussed in the club.

  • Age verification

    Germany is one of the countries with the highest requirements when it comes to implementing the protection of minors on the Internet. This mainly relates to age verification, as only very specific procedures are considered safe in this country. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to implement a solution for automatic age verification that meets both the legal requirements and our own standards. For this reason, we currently only manually activate users that we have personally checked. We reserve the right not to verify users in case of doubt. As soon as there are any new developments on this topic, we will inform you in detail on our website. Until then, we ask for your patience and understanding.

  • Clubs

    The clubs have only recently been launched and are in the early test phase. In the broadest sense, they are forums where users can gather and discuss specific topics. First of all, we want to find out which topics are of interest to you and how much demand there is. For this purpose, it is only possible to create clubs and collect members for them in the first expansion stage. The release and classification of created clubs must be done manually by us. At the moment, we can only activate clubs that deal with topics that we consider to be harmless in terms of the protection of minors. Initially, only “public clubs” can be created. Other types and categories with corresponding features will follow soon. The range of functions of the clubs will be continuously expanded. Discussion forums, picture galleries and newsletters are at the top of our list.

  • Protection of minors

    The protection of minors is a very important issue for us. We want children and young people to surf safely and not be endangered by our content. This is why dealing with sensitive topics on our platform is particularly difficult. To ensure that minors do not have access to unsuitable content, we have introduced some strict rules: Images and clubs must be manually classified or approved by us. Content that is not suitable for minors can only be viewed by users who have successfully proven that they are of legal age using a suitable age verification method.

  • Locations

    In order to be found in the vast jungle of our community, it is particularly important to specify your current location. In addition to the direct proximity search based on a distance calculation using your current coordinates, the location lists are also available for searching for users. Here you can see who is currently registered or online at which location. All countries, regions and locations have been created manually and assigned central coordinates. The assignment itself is done by determining your current coordinates and calculating the distance to the nearest location or coordinates. This system already works quite reliably, but occasionally still leads to errors. In such cases, we can store additional coordinates in order to improve localization in the long term. At this point, we are dependent on the help of the community in that users who are assigned to an incorrect location should inform us of their current coordinates or exact address and the desired location to which they would like to be assigned. Incidentally, your own coordinates are determined using automatic localization, which is the default setting under “Settings” -> “Locations”. Alternatively, you can also select the location manually and then select the location in your vicinity to which you would like to be assigned within the location lists by deactivating automatic localization. Don't forget to assign a location name (e.g. “Apartment” - only displayed to you) and save the settings you have made. You can create several locations, which you can then easily switch between.